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So, you think you’re quick n clever? Well, lets put that to the test.

If you and your friends can complete one of our rooms without asking for any hints, you’ll be added to our leaderboard.

The fastest times will be eligible for some cool prizes and of course, bragging rights! Good Luck!

Room Standing – Junkyard

Rank Best Time Group Name Date
1 24m 02s Marabella Fluff 25.05.2019
2 37m 00s Legal Medics 25.05.2019
3 41m 00s Brohemian Rhapsody 11.05.2019
4 43m 15s Dominators! 19.01.2019
5 44m 10s The Revengers! 14.01.2018

Room Standing – Temple of Treasures


Rank Best Time Group Name Date
1 26m 13s Black Attack 31.05.2019
2 35m 40s Fantastic Four 09.03.2019
3 42m 15s The Revengers! 15.01.2019
4 43m 15s Team JBC 14.09.2018
5 44m 15s Beta than You 23.03.2019

Room Standing – Tick Tock


Rank Best Time Group Name Date
1 5m 27s Team Rads 19.04.2019
2 14m 00s A Team Has No Name 05.05.2019
3 15m 00s RICZ 31.05.2019
4 17m 20s InstagramHaters# 23.03.2019
5 19m 51s Team Blitz 24.03.2019

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