Escape The Movies

Trinidad and Tobago's Premier Escape Room Experience
An Immersive, Interactive and Exceptional Activity For Everyone

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  • Private Parties
  • The Witching Hour
  • The Basement
  • A Knight's Quest
  • Team Building

Escape the MoviesCan you Escape in Time?

Escape The Movies is T&T’s Premier Escape Room Experience and is based on internationally popular escape room gaming where you are temporarily “locked” in one of our themed rooms. Within each room, there are clues and puzzles to figure out that will help you progress in the game and eventually allow you to escape. But remember … you must often work together with others in your group and use your collective wits as a team to solve all the challenges and get out before the clock runs out! Our room experience and games are fairly straightforward and are open and accessible to all ages…from adults to teens to kids.

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