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Ready For That Exceptional Team Activity?

Whether you are looking to improve communication skills, inspire better teamwork, reward and boost the morale of your colleagues or members of your department, organization or company or just want a productive break away from the office and to be the “cool boss” – Escape The Movies offers various standard and bespoke corporate packages as part of its private bookings to not only fit your needs, but also provide something quite distinctive, beneficial and enjoyable for everyone on your team.

Escape Room gaming intrinsically lends itself to developing problem-solving skills among groups and is thus provides an ideal avenue for companies, organizations and staff to learn, foster camaraderie and build proficiencies in communication, leadership and critical thinking as a team, while all the while having a great and enjoyable time. Our staff will also be happy to provide feedback on your group’s overall strategy and help identify strengths and weaknesses in their approach.

As with all our private bookings and available every day of the week, our corporate packages can provide simultaneous access to one or more of our escape room experiences and thus facilitate team activities for large and small groups whether for an hour or two or for an entire day.

Light refreshments for your group can also be included, as well as, additional and more substantially catered food and drinks should you require such.

Some of our past corporate clients include: Scotiabank, Ernst & Young, Atlantic, Bermudez, Shell and Citibank.

For more information on our Corporate Packages, please contact us using the form below.

Corporate Booking

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